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    Default Re: Your Partner could care less about your scent Hobby

    We enable each other. Wifey and I.
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    Default Re: Your Partner could care less about your scent Hobby

    My wife has probably around 10 perfumes, mainly niche. Whenever we visit an SMN or Carthusia or whatever, we look to buy something for both of us. She enjoys fragrances, yet I can't say she is into them. We have similar tastes in many things but she is more pragmatic. I'm the one who obsesses about all sorts of stuff and feel a need to analyze everything. She is rather neutral about my hobby.

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    Can I ask if you ever expressed an interest in her makeup collection? There are more important things in life than fragrances. If you have the same beliefs, values and goals, for example! Because she was not interested in your colognes, I can't see how that is a deal breaker. It strikes me as a little superficial. Surely there was a more substantial reason than that for splitting up with her? If not, I would say that she would be better to find someone with more important values. 😊

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    Yeah. Not to mention that many men would be delighted if their wives would be ambivalent about their hobbies that most people would consider slightly deranged .

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    Partner is interested but can be a harsh critic, possibly forcing me into niche to keep up lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noirdrakkar View Post
    I'm currently single. But I have dated around.

    IMO, I think it is common courtesy for partners to take some interest in each other hobbies, even if it means exploring into something you haven't explored into before.

    I don't expect my future partner to be engrossed in or talk about fragrances (or my other hobbies) everyday, but I do expect a woman to have enough personality and open-mindedness to leave her comfort zone and give new things a chance. In all of my close relationships, I always look into and explore into strong interests they have even if they don't appeal to me.

    Not just to strengthen the bond with with them, to please them or to get them do the same in return, but because I learn a lot by going out of my safe box.

    It's just the quality of dogmatically dismissing something with a shallow mind, ignoring completely something that is important to someone close to you and seeing yourself as above doing what you already do, I find that unattractive. I would want a woman more ambitious and curious than that.

    And this is not just about fragrances, but being dismissive of a partner that has a fragrance collection is a leper's bell that more red flags can come your way.
    Well said Man

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    Default Re: Your Partner could care less about your scent Hobby

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