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    Default Your Partner could care less about your scent Hobby

    I recently dated thia nice girl, we are now broken up. She had a lot of make up and dolled herself nicely when we went out. But when she wold sleep over my house she never looked at my Scent collection which is on the dresser on her former sideof the bed. And its not like i had a few bottles, i had 70 bottles on that dresser next to her bedside. I told her it was my fave hobby and made me happy but she never once picked up a bottle or looked at it. I dont even remember her looking at my bottles whatsoever. She never even discussed it w. me and i noticed when i brought it up she changed the topic. It bothered me for a number of reasons. But let me preface this by saying this was not even a scintila of the reason we split up, it had nothing to do it.

    Has anyone had similar experiences?
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