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    Default Need help identifying a circa 1970 British Sterling cologne bottle

    I thought I would take a spin down memory lane and buy an old bottle of British Sterling from the late 1960s to very early 1970s, back when I was a retail customer. I've read a bit about the periodic reformulations of this old fragrance and how most feel it's been for the worse, so I thought I'd pick up a vintage bottle. Can someone help with several questions?

    1. What are the identifying marks for a bottle from this era?
    2. How true to its original character would this 40+ year old fragrance likely be? The few other vintage colognes from this era that I've sampled seem to have held up quite well (or maybe my memory hasn't help up at all!)


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    To narrow the question a bit, does anyone know the years Spiedel was the distributor of British Sterling, or at least the last years? Would a bottle that lists Spiedel as the distributor be an early bottle?

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