Just a warning that this post is probably a rant more than anything else. :-)
I was casually browsing the Chanel site yesterday and was very surprised to see what I consider a rather large price increase on the Les Exclusifs EdTs. Both sizes of EdT (2.5 oz & 6.8 oz) have jumped $20.00 in price since I last viewed them a little before Christmas. Over time I'd seen prices creep up by $5 or so on most brands, so I was really surprised at the large uptick.
Besides greed, what could cause such a dramatic increase in price?
And by the way, only the Edts saw the increase. The 4 parfum versions have remained the same for the moment.
I'm just miffed because I've been really loving exploring the range and felt they were quite well priced considering their lineage and quality.
They are getting more exclusif by the minute!