I am planning on doing a gift basket for my SO for her b-day, and I am afraid I'm a little stumped as to what to get her to try out. She really dislikes sweet florals, and a trip to our local Dillards (about the only place to check fragrance out around here) proved fruitless, with everything being "too sweet/candy like/teeny bopper" etc. She has one perfume, Bella Belara that her mother gave her, and she wears it only occasionally because it's better than nothing. I would like to put together something for her that gives her a decent amount of choice without getting too carried away, while staying away from overly sweet fragrances. I think in the neighborhood of 10 but no more than 15 fragrances should be good. So far, I have decided on ELDO's Rossy de Palma and Delicious Closet Queen for certain, Salvidor Dali for Women (if I can find it), and Dior Poison. Hoping for any suggestions you might make. Thanks for any help!