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    Default Three Vintage Capucci


    I bought three vintage Capucci and can not find any information about them.

    The fragrances are pretty good, does anyone know anything of them?

    They seem to be rare, what is its market value?

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: Three Vintage Capucci

    I have only seen them on a few online retail sites.

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    Default Re: Three Vintage Capucci

    I was wondering about these when you posted them in the other thread. Try eBay completed listings search to get an idea if there's a market value out there.

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    Not huge monetary value I'm afraid.
    I know all except the hypnose. I'm afraid none of these reflect the quality of R or Punjab. Sang Royal is an orange pepper and musk if I recall.

    I don't know the detail of the house despite much effort at research but it is clear it has had several incarnations with vastly different quality levels.

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