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    Default What fragrance is this?

    I tried something at the mall today. I didn't get the name of it since I didn't like it at first, but the dry down is amazing.
    The fragrance is fresh, but also sweet. That's honestly the only way I can describe it.

    All I remember is the shape of the bottle:
    It looked similar to the Prada Amber Pour Homme Bottle (shorter but the same design). The sprayer may have also been offset like PAPH.
    The cap had a zebra type design, but was just a cylinder type cap (again, like Prada's)
    They had two bottles, one was black, the other brownish.

    I remember the name being something "men"
    Possibly "UMEN" or "RMEN" or LMEN" I honestly don't know. I've google searched "Men" with every letter in the alphabet in front, no luck.

    It definitely wasn't niche, nor did it look like a well known designer (the bottle had no information such as size, country, etc, printed on it).

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    Default Re: What fragrance is this?

    No clue. Only zebra print I know is by man but its discontinued and the bottle is a cylinder
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Default Re: What fragrance is this?

    Not sure, but interested .

    On a different note, I just stepped on (through towel(s) on accident) and broke a sample spray vial of a Usher frag that I got from fragnet.

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    Default Re: What fragrance is this?

    I know the name's way off, but Kenzo Jungle has a cap that looks like a zebra's mane.

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    Default Re: What fragrance is this?

    What was the store's name?

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    Default Re: What fragrance is this?

    Definitely not by men.
    Not Kenzo jungle either =/
    It was actually a stand, not a store. I checked back later, and the guy was gone. We have vendors who come and rent a spot for a day.

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