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    Default amouage Beloved reminds me of...

    ....need your help, i have never smelled this fragrance before, and was reading descriptions and am not sure how this scent smells like, looking at the notes, it should be more resinous , and maybe spicy then white flowers?

    why is this scent special comparing to other white flowers scent, what is it that makes it unique in that regard?

    and above all is it very light gentle?

    does it compare in any sense to classics like Arpege, Joy (some mention jasmine?), or even Bal aVersailles, or Bandit maybe?

    and does it smell dirty

    so does it remind you of any other scent in composition or in notes?

    thank you so much
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    Default Re: amouage Beloved reminds me of...

    Iivanita the opening of this defiitely has a whiff of the resinous aspect of Aromatics Elixir, but fear not if you don't like that perfume. That association soon dies down - this is mainly a floral - not just white flowers but mainly a rose and jasmine combo. It's a big floral and not terribly unique - reminds me of some rose dominated Guerlains more than anything else - but the bitter-sweetness, warmth and luxuriousness of the base (vanilla, sandal, leather, marzipan) under the flowers is something else. Also pretty wearable, won't knock you out. It's all a question of quality and finish rather than great originality. Definitely worth sampling.

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    Default Re: amouage Beloved reminds me of...

    Gimmegreen pretty much nailed it with his impressions, except I don't agree with the "not terribly unique" comment. The quality of this fragrance makes it outstanding all by itself. I love the rose in the beginning and the beautiful rich base. Amouage is known for their opulent fragrances and Beloved does not disappoint. The only disappointments are the price and that now you can't seem to find it for sale anywhere. Definitely try a sample of it for reference, but it's best not to fall in love with it.

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    Default Re: amouage Beloved reminds me of...

    thank you gimmegreen for your lovely description ), i ve read your review, and it lookes like its your type of scent!
    that rose jasmine combo and the base remind me most of Joy hehe i know this cant be similar for sure!

    some were mentioning Bandit which i like too, so was confused )

    Kiliwia , thank you so much!! its allways nice when there is agreement on something then its easier to "make a picture" and yes i like when scent smells opulent! dont like when it smells like humidity and white colour then its too light and bit boring
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    Default Re: amouage Beloved reminds me of...

    Bandit it sure as hell ain't - maybe the robustness of the start prompted the Bandit comparisons you read. (And I can't say I get Joy from it either - but my memory of Joy is a distant one so it may not be true any longer.) I hope you get to test it iivanita, then you'll be able to judge for yourself.
    You know Kiliwia, I think we are not in great disagreement on the 'uniqueness' score; I can see passing similarities to other perfumes but we both agree that the quality is outstanding - that tends to lift it above comparisons. Maybe I phrased my comment a bit too hastily. The price of this one is just yikes. I figured I could buy 100 ml in samples for under two-thirds of the price of a full bottle - not that I am about to do that. It's still available here in the Netherlands.
    The beauty of Beloved is the wearability of its opulence - I feel one has to be in the mood for Gold and Ubar (the other two big florals in the Amouage line), otherwise it is easy to be overwhelmed. Beloved is much easier to wear in that respect.

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    Default Re: amouage Beloved reminds me of...

    Did you see that Kron is doing a split of Beloved!

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    Default Re: amouage Beloved reminds me of...

    here i am , i have tested it

    hehehe you will be surprised, Amouage Beloved reminds me the most of Coromandel! by my nose it falls into oriental woody group of scents....and i have looked up the notes on Fragrantica, and there are many shared by Coromandel too...the most similar thing olibanum, which gives it this luxury, ofcourse the differences are there but thats one that stands out that sweet olibanum...
    then very prominent note is musk!! that musk beeing synthetic and reminded me a bit of a hair spray and thats why i think you have the feeling of it beeing modern, and "not so unique"

    now the opening is beautifully complex! reminds of old classics! but overall i dont think this scent has any of the complexity of classics its not banal but i am not that much impressed with the drydown....the opening is beautiful tango of rose and jasmine and clove,sweet, a little bit messy thing of everything....and is so so nice! at the moment i smelled Joy but that was gone in 5 minutes after 20-30 minutes the scent goes in the drydown...where after 2 hours you smell notes as in Coromandel! just more feminine version....musk again is too loud, i smell some cedar wood, and a lot of olibanum and touch some sweet-spiced resins, no leather no animalic notes! preatty much simple to my nose...but after meeting Miss Balmain hm....not so many things can measure up to that base ....

    still i like the scent its really different, but one thing about the price...i think its worthy the price tag becasue this is perfume extrait, the sample was so oily it cant be EDP only!.....and those people who say its fleeting are maybe anosmic to that type of musk? becasue it lasts just close to the skin...

    this is winter scent ,modern, suitable for the office, and i think it is beautiful, is so different from other amouages for women becasue its finally not FLORAL! but is sweet enough not to be suitable for men?

    if i could choose i would make musk smells a bit less synthetic (the same thing i did not like in chanel no 22 becasuse it reeked of some synth.ingredient and that iris just made it worse) here olibanum stands out as that powdery note...

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