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    Default Suggestions for readily available "go to" EDC/EDT, deoderant, body wash, balm combo

    Good Morning/Afternoon Gentlemen,
    I am a newbie to the world of frags. I arrived on the frag bandwagon by discovering a tremendous website called, and a recent trip to Disney World where I discovered Geir Ness and Acqua Di Parma. My nostrils abosutely loved walking through the various Epcot Pavilions, and appreciating for the first time a variety of frags. I passed on buying a premium (to me) frag while at Disney in hopes to learn more. Thanks to this website (and others), I believe I have learned the basics of what technically distinguishes a quality frag from a less quality that's the background...

    In my past, I have worn a couple different frags, mostly in my high school/college years (I'm now 30)....Adventure (Eddie Bauer?), Candies, Old Spice, Stetson, Alpine Summit.... I recently bought Burberry for Men, and do appreciate it's top notes (interestingly for me, the base notes come out most the next morning when I jump in the shower).

    I would like to build a nice frag collection, and understand it will take some time. I'm on this kick of finding a cheap (er...high value) scent that may include body wash, deoderant, balm and EDC... I understand there are different thoughts on scents of body wash and deoderant. The only thing I can come up with is Old Spice....

    So the question I pose to you, is what readily available (Walgreens, grocery store, Walmart, Target, etc) scents are out there other than Old Spice? Other recommendations or thoughts as a newbie looking to evolve would be appreciated too.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for readily available "go to" EDC/EDT, deoderant, body wash, balm combo

    Welcome to Basenotes Ryan!
    Since you're saying you're interested in learning more about higher quality fragrances, is it the price range that makes you want to stay with the drug store offerings? There, I would explore the fragrances by Antonio Banderas. Otherwise, you may have noticed that many drug stores now carry a good selection of designer fragrances too and you could sample from them.
    Also, take advantage of the relaxed sampling opportunities at Sephora. You can then get good deals on line for your favorites.
    You mentioned Burberry. I would continue to explore that house, as well as Bulgari. I really think those two offer a very good range.
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    Default Re: Suggestions for readily available "go to" EDC/EDT, deoderant, body wash, balm combo

    Thanks for the reply! And great handle. I think my next two higher end purchases (let's face it...spending $50-$100 on a frag for a newbie is "higher end") will be Geir and something from ADP. That being said, I thought it would fun to find a drugstore brand that won't put me out cash, that could contend as my "everyday" frag (I work from when I'm not seeing clients, do I really need anything more?). I've enjoyed reading some articles on "your dad's" drug store frags...seems like Old Spice has the market?

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    Default Re: Suggestions for readily available "go to" EDC/EDT, deoderant, body wash, balm combo


    Among relatively inexpensive stuff found at drugstore and the like, I like Azzaro pour homme (classic fougere, aromatic, somewhat fresh, with a sweetish background), Drakkar Noir (also a fougere, but darker), Halston Z14 (classic masculine woody), and Aramis, a dark musky leather.

    The Aramis line in general seems to me to have an excellent quality/price ratio. At drugstores, you usually find only the main Aramis, but at places like Macys you could find Aramis 900 (resinous patchouli), Tuscany (herbal), Havana (tobacco), and others, I think going for $55 for 100ml.

    Also, it is not found at drugstores, but online right now Krizia Uomo goes for very little, perhaps because it is being discontinued (Italian style intense green herbal).


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