OK, this isn't ground breaking but Gap Soul Homme just came out not too long ago. Today I was in one of their stores that was shutting down and their 100 ml bottle was $29.50 plus 30% off so I got it around $21.

The label says its Clean Citrus, Fresh Spice, Rich Woods and Warm Vetiver.

If you want a real description..a spcier version of the old Gap Blue 655, with a dash of Fierce finished off by Vetiver. I actually have really enjoyed it and bought a bottle for weekends and such. Probably will last 3-4 hours but for the price go wild. The women in the store smelled it on me when I came back in later to get it and they didn't even know I tried it out. Again, I'm not sure anyone here would rush to get this but you'll be surprised at this for lounging around or even a casual night of drinks.

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