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    Default Sample Usage Question

    I have a few small glass cylinder vials of Creed, Tauer etc. Curious how many uses on average I should get out of a vial -- 1? 2? I have a lot so not worries about saving them, but don't want to be that guy that over douses lol


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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    I can easily get 5 uses out of mine, but I only do 5 dabs at most at a time. I'm fine with being the only one that smells what I'm wearing although I will happily accept a compliment.
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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    Thanks. I like a little projection, so maybe will aim for 3.

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    2-3 has been my experience.

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    A 1.5ml spray sample usually goes a long way -- about four or five wearings. Strong fragrances like Tobacco Vanille, longer -- because I spray less.

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    I get about 5 uses with about 3 to 4 dabs each wearing

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    This varies greatly based on the volume. Most samples have anywhere from .03 to .08 oz.

    That would be (from my experience) anywhere from 10-35 sprays per vial.

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    I make numerous vials and have found that on average, given the broad variety and variation in atomizers, you can fill a 1ml vial in approximately 10 pumps (more for some, less for others). Also, a 1ml sample vial holds a bit less than 1ml so it will take approximately 20 drops of juice to fill a vial to an acceptable height.

    If you consider that you use 1-3 sprays of a scent (depending again on the atomizer pattern and strength, as well as the strength/projection of the fragrance) So if it takes 10 sprays to fill the vial, theoretically you should get at LEAST 4 wearings if not as many as 8.

    Granted, applying the juice from a vial is easier SAID than DONE...I recommend the use of a 1dram or .5Dram roll on bottle. In the past I have been able to get these really awesome 1/2dram glass roll ons with a plastic ball. A single sample would typically fill it 2/4 of the way up and in the roll-on I could utilize the scent for 2-3 TIMES as long as if I were dabbing the scent on my skin.

    Good luck, no one LIKES sample vials, they always are a pain, but I think we can all agree they are better than the new foil "peel-off" samples that give you roughly the same amount of juice as a you get when a mosquito takes a pee!

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    I get maybe 5 tests to one area. I never really give a full wearing to sample vials. I just pour some on my hand and smell throughout the day and decide to buy it or not.

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    I get about 3 uses, with about 4 dabs per 1 ml vial.

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    I try my best to stay away from dab vials. I can never really get a good feel for a scent without spraying.

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    The 1 ml vial is about 10-11 sprays. Depending on the exact amount or the strength of the juice, I get 2, maximum 3 wears.
    Maybe more if im simply sampling and playing.
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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    Thanks so much guys -- really appreciated it. I think spray/roll on is key -- as most of the samples I get have nothing but a stopper so applying it is tough -- if careful I do 3 pretty easily -- more tough. With a spray/roll on should be much easier.

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    My guess is that these are 0.7ml, 5-8. Use them wisely to make sure you love them. I usually wear on different scents while testing on different arms arms to eliminate and rank my new purchases.

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    Default Re: Sample Usage Question

    I hate dauber vials, you don't get even coverage a few "globs" of frag on each side of the neck, at best a "smear" I buy empty 2ml atomizers and dumb them in there, a few Spritzes give a better idea of top notes, and projection. I have had very strong samples that one spritz/daub is enough, and other light/weak ones where I used half-an-ml at once! I first tried Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille out of a dauber vial and hated it. very linear, I later tried it with a spritzer and it was like a different fragrance.

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