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    Default Dessine Moi Un Parfum(!)

    Just when you start to think you know something about something, there comes to your attention something that you never knew of or even dreamed existed.

    A set of unique fragrances? From one of the original niche houses? In pastels?


    What's this then?

    I'd be delighted to know more about this.

    In case you can't pull up the link, here's the description.

    This auction is for an extremely rare 5 different French perfumes in powder, by Jean Francois Laparte, the original creator of L'Artisan Parfumeur in 1976. They are beautiful, but not that know as others. Created in 1996, right on the margin of taking over the company by Jean Paul Millet Lage, in 1997.They had not been so fiery launched as other perfumes, loudly carried over by Lage, the new owner. Preoccupied with introducing his own, new perfumes, these came to be famous, beautiful. but forgotten.
    You will be getting a palette of 5 fragrance1.5 g each as follows:
    - Soft Pistachio (Tendre Pistache)
    - Rose Artichoke (Rose Arichant)
    - Ultra Violet (Ultra Violette)
    - White Lilac (Lilas Blanc)
    - Juicy Pear (Reine Poire)
    These are not cheap, ordinary fruity or floral scents , but a very sophisticated combination of living fruit and plant - silky, seductively secret, woodsy, playful, super delicious. Practically unobtainable, and no one will wear them... but you!!
    Included is a little booklet describing characteristics of each fragrance, in French. All set in a very elegant, quality, 1" x 4" x 9" wooden case with 5 cosmetic brushes. Ends of brushes correspond with the color of perfume on palette.They had been made by a brush mster from Torino, Italy.
    Thank youfor looking. Please, email with questions.

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    Default Re: Dessine Moi Un Parfum(!)

    Very interesting! I have never seen anything like this. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope someone has more info on this.
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    Default Re: Dessine Moi Un Parfum(!)

    Quite interesting indeed.

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    Default Re: Dessine Moi Un Parfum(!)

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