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    Question Recommendations- Light, Fruity, Floral, Sophisticated

    Hi there! I know next to nothing about perfume (I just wear what I think smells good!) and am looking for some help...

    I'm looking for recommendations for a scent that is light, fruity, and floral but still sophisticated and adult-like. I'll be moving to Korea and have heard that strong scents do not go over well and fruity/floral scents are preferred. I'd like a scent that lasts long without being too strong or overwhelming. I'd like something fruity and floral, but don't want to smell like a teenager. So, something fruity and floral but with a little more sophistication and complexity would be nice. Basically, I want a scent that won't offend or draw too much attention, but that's still a little unique among all the typical watery fruity/floral perfumes popular in Korea.

    As far as price goes, I'm willing to spend a bit, but don't want to have to sacrifice my firstborn or anything.

    Any recommendations are welcome. ^_^

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    Default Re: Recommendations- Light, Fruity, Floral, Sophisticated

    Pretty Fruity by Montale

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    Default Re: Recommendations- Light, Fruity, Floral, Sophisticated


    In mainstream, Kenzo Flower comes to mind. Slightly floral, with a touch of canteloupe note, but not much sweet. Or the Hermes Jardins.

    In niche, I'm thinking again of Ellena for the upscale Hermes line, like Rose Ikebana, Iris Ukiyoe, or Osmanthe Yunnan - but they tend to be too light and very expensive. Some other expensive niche brands also seem to have created lines targeting Asia, eg by Kilian has an Asian tales line (a bit too watery for me), and Piguet is supposed to come up with a series as well.


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    Default Re: Recommendations- Light, Fruity, Floral, Sophisticated

    I'm going to go straight out of left field on this one.

    Estee Lauder Intuition

    CREED Aventus
    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
    DIOR Homme Intense
    Guerlain L'IDGExtreme
    Chanel Platinum Egoiste
    Chanel Allure Edition Blanche
    Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male
    Thierry Mugler Pure Malt

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    Default Re: Recommendations- Light, Fruity, Floral, Sophisticated

    Hi Cottonkitty, welcome to Basenotes!

    There are many really nice, light fruity florals. I'll name 10 of my favorites.

    1. Annick Goutal- Petite Cherie
    2. Bvlgari- Omnia Coral
    3. L'Artisan Perfumeur- Premier Figuier
    4. Lanvin- Eclat d'Arpege
    5. Ormonde Jayne- Frangipani Absolute
    6. L'Artisan Perfumeur- La Chasse Aux Papillons
    7. Acqua di Parma- Fico di Amalfi
    8. Yves Saint Laurent- In Love Again
    9. Jimmy Choo- Jimmy Choo (edt)
    10. Acqua di Biella- Janca
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    Default Re: Recommendations- Light, Fruity, Floral, Sophisticated

    Guerlain Cherry Blossom. Gentle but pleasant fruity floral with a tea note. I believe this was designed with an Asian market in mind.

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    Default Re: Recommendations- Light, Fruity, Floral, Sophisticated

    I second everything Jean-Claude Ellena has done (and not only because I'm a big fan) - Osmanthus Yunnan definitely, and much of the Hermessence line, but look for his pre-Hermes work too. Since you're open to spending a bit, I'd say try his work for Frederic Malle as well - Angéliques sous la pluie and L'eau d'hiver. Perhaps not typically Asian but very beautiful, sheer and understated - they will be appreciated by discerning noses and will cause no offense to everyone else.
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