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    Cool Bond No. 9 and Creed hit the Discounters - Bloom Officially off the Brand Rose

    Well it was really just a matter of time,looks like our friends at Bond No.9 and Creed have finally succumb to what is probably a large unsold stock,shrinking margins and faded hype and have begun selling at Winners (Canadian branch of TJ Maxx). Visiting a location I was surrounded by unsold "niche" from these two brands. There's quite a few Love in Blacks, Royal Water, Himalayas, Washington Square, Bleecker St, I Love NY, etc unsold at 149.99 for 100 mL. I might wait for them to hit clearance and pick up a Himalaya.

    I think we can officially say about Creed and Bond that, ironically after Andy Warhol, their 15 minutes are up. It's invariably a sign of brand decline when they succumb to the temptation to hock their wares downmarket, witness Levis and Wamart or the Gap in the 80's before Mickey Drexler. The quality soon follows suit, goes to pot and then sayonara sales. I remember Chandler Burr putting it best cruising through a supermarket in the perfumes section saying "if you're Tommy Hilfiger and your product is here, you're trying to make money,if you're Chanel and you're here? You call your lawyers." Lol

    It was bound to happen, these two brands especially had perhaps the most transparently inauthentic and tacky marketing hype ever seen in the industry (anyone else remember the obnoxious cards at the Creed counters indicating which celebrities wear their scents *gag*). But hey if you're a fan of Bond or Creed they're coming to,or may be at a discounter near you, look for them next to the Stetson and Old Spice!
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