Hi All,
I've been into frags since 2007. Basenotes launched me into outer orbit for for frag addiction.
Here's a few that I tried after BN fanboys/enthusiasts suggested, but I don't find good for me.

My dream swap list is just that, unless it actually happens.

M7 100 ml tester 95% full
Serge Lutens-Fumerie Turque 50 ml 85% full
Comptoir Sud Pacific-Oud Intense 100ml used 4 times (very close to Montale Dark Oud)
Caron Yatagan 4.2 fl oz 95%
Jaipur Homme 100 ml 96%
(Perhaps we could split/swap?) or just swap.
various Comme des Garcons
(I already have Sequoia, Avignon and Jaisalmar)

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, Oud Wood
Lutens-Ambre Sultan or other Serge Lutens possibilites.
Creed Aventus
MFK Oud (gotta try)
L'editions Bigarade Concentree, Vetiver Extraordinaire (gotta dream)
Aesop Marrakesh
CB I hate Perfume possibilities
Any Patchouli or Nag Champa-ish Possibilites
Marc Atlan-Petite Mort (just a dram
Santa Maria Novella possibilities
Etat Libre d’Orange possibilities
Xerjoff-Oud Stars (which one, you ask? Whuhchoogot?)
Heeley-Cuir Plein Fleur
Chanel Cuir de Russie, Coromandel
Clive Christian X for men
Narcisso Rodriguez Musc for him
Mugler-Pure Havane