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    Default fragrance oils ... anyone bought/tried


    Ive came across a few times to sellers like this who sell oils similar to certain fragrances...

    has anyone tried it before? from the feedback on ebay the reviews are good...

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    Default Re: fragrance oils ... anyone bought/tried

    I have tried the Hayward Enterprises oils, and I like quite a few of them, but some just suck.

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    Default Re: fragrance oils ... anyone bought/tried

    Not the ones by established fragrance brands so far, just obscure, non-branded cheapies, usually concentrating on one single note and/or ingredient, e.g. vetiver grass/root oil.

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    Default Re: fragrance oils ... anyone bought/tried

    I have purchased perfume oil dupes from Etsy a few times. Most of them turned out well.

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    Default Re: fragrance oils ... anyone bought/tried

    The closest I have ever gotten was a Creed "Huile Parfumee" and that was not a very pleasant experience.

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