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    Default Anyone still wear original Old Spice?

    I'm a younger guy and I just purchased the 4.2 oz EDC for $12. I love the smell of original Old Spice and I plan on wearing it quite often. Anyone else still wear this classic despite all of the fragrance offerings that are out there?
    Current top 10 (No order):

    1. Pure Havane
    2. Menthe Fraiche
    3. Tobacco Vanille
    4. L'Air Du Desert Marocain
    5. Green Irish Tweed
    6. Fahrenheit
    7. Musc Ravageur
    8. Tonka Imperial
    9. Gucci Pour Homme II
    10. Dior Homme Intense

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    Default Re: Anyone still wear original Old Spice?

    I would say 90% of the state of Illinois. When I take a walk, it seems like everyone has that or Brut on. Wow.

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    Default Re: Anyone still wear original Old Spice?

    Hell yeah I wear Old Spice. I bet more people wear original Old Spice than the body sprays. They used to make an original scent body spray too, but I can never find it.

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    Default Re: Anyone still wear original Old Spice?

    Absolutely. There's nothing wrong with wearing old spice.

    It's a wonderful fragrance that's managed to stick around, even though many thousands of colognes have come and gone since it was released.

    Some may call it an "old man" scent and that bothers me. It's a classic and needs to be appreciated. I'm willing to bet that not very many 20 somethings would turn down driving a '50 Mercury or a 48 Chevy around, because it's an "old man" car? No, it's a classic too.

    Not to derail the thread too much but as far as forgettable colognes, how about "Hai Karate"? It was bad even in the 70s, yet there are several postings on Ebay wanting outrageous prices on it. $109 for a 4 oz splace of "Hai Karate Oriental Spice". Really? LOL.

    The big sell point for it wasn't the great smell, it was the fact that it came with fold up instructions of Karate moves. Supposedly, you'd need the moves to fight off the women who would try to get to you because you were wearing it.

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    Default Re: Anyone still wear original Old Spice?

    Me, on certain occasions. It is unvailable down here, as well as the original scented deodorant. A must request for everyone travelling to the USA or Europe (this last one is more thruthfull to the original formulation: it actually smells like a long lasting perfume. If applied in the morning, you can get clear whiffs of it at day's end)

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    Default Re: Anyone still wear original Old Spice?

    This is the one scent that really evokes my memories. I might buy a bottle of this just for nostalgic purposes, along with drakkar noir.

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    Default Re: Anyone still wear original Old Spice?

    i have a bottle of old spice. i like it, but its probably the most common scent ever.

    and it reminds me of my dad. which is either good or bad, i dont know lol

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    Default Re: Anyone still wear original Old Spice?

    Once when I was young. No more.

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