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    Default need a few good noses

    I have not made a post in awhile, but I have been real busy with my website and blending up new fragrances. My first scent was a Essential oil Blend that smelled just like Cannabis, well let me correct that; it smells like someone just smoked Cannabis and the aroma is still in their close. I tried to get some of you to sample it but I could not find anyone local and i was to scared to mail it out due to the scent smelling so on point.

    For the past few weeks, after tons of research I have successfully recreated identical oil blends of a lot of Designer fragrances. The problem is I know a lot of folks do not like to wear oils so I have been trying to make alcohol based version of the scents and looks like something is getting lost in translation. I have let the juices sit in a cool place to mature and they smell good but i think something just isn't there.

    What i would like to do is get some fresh noses on this stuff. Would anyone be willing to sample this and pay a small fee to cover shipping? If so please let me know.

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    Default Re: need a few good noses

    It's not very customary to charge someone and ask them to smell your work and give you free feedback...
    And you need to tell us in what country you reside before anyone can effectively make the decision whether or not they would like to assist you in your quest.
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    Default Re: need a few good noses

    You could always post the formula, then we could work it up and let you know.

    I haven't smoked the stuff for years, but some of the black resins might work quite well btw


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    Default Re: need a few good noses

    Some of the expert members could probably just look at the formula and tell you what is wrong.

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