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    Default Narciso Rodriguez for Him...for me?

    I happen to have a different taste in weather than most people. Most people prefer/become happy with sunshine, warn weather, beaches, etc. But I happen to think the most beautiful weather is gloomy, rainy, cold, winter time weather.

    I hear this type of weather always associated with Narciso Rodriguez for Him. I have been looking for a fragrance to remind me of/compliment this sort of weather.

    Is this for me?
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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him...for me?

    That's exactly what it reminds me of, the dark gloomy days and rain. I love it but it is definitely a different vibe and may be uncomfortable to wear at first. At least it was for me.

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him...for me?


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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him...for me?


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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him...for me?

    Yes definitely. Your taste and mine in weather are completely opposite but this is a fantastic fragrance. Perfect for cold and wet weather. One of the very very few fragrances in recent years that impressed me and I loved it Instantly.
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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him...for me?


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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him...for me?

    Absolutely..! It is an absolute gem. You're going to love i do!!
    For what its worth!

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    Narciso is an amazing fag. My fiancé started wearing "for her", and I love it on her. Then "for him" came out and I had to try it. I fell in love..

    I find cloudy, raining and cold invigorating. I love it more than sunny summer weather by far.
    I don't feel gloomy or depressed in rainy cloudy weather, so I can't say that's how NRFH makes me feel.

    For me , it's a sophisticated, dark scent.

    I imagine an evil wizard would want to wear it.

    I love it. EASY on the sprayer! One spray will last you 24+ hours on SKIN.
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