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    Default Re: Fresco by Ilum Dean (impression and Review by noirdrakkar) - Worth the hype?

    I'm not a huge fan of Aventus myself. However, it isn't a bad scent, so at $35 for a 3.3 oz "clone" I decided to pull the trigger and purchased a bottle. I have a sample of Aventus, and now a full bottle of Fresco.
    I don't understand how it can be compared to Aventus. Fresco smells like alcohol (which goes away) pepper, and water.
    Not at all what I expected. I have a sample of Fresco coming in the mail as well. Maybe I got a bad bottle.
    I did also spray it directly after a shower, usually my cologne smells different when I do that.
    I'll give it another spray tonight, and see how it smells.

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    Default Re: Fresco by Ilum Dean (impression and Review by noirdrakkar) - Worth the hype?

    Quote Originally Posted by silentrich View Post
    I didn't send hype e-mails to anyone. I only PM'd you about Fresco and was wondering if you had smelled it or heard of it since you do proclaim to watch YouTube fragrance videos and you are on my friends list. Yeah, I was excited about something that smells this close to Aventus especially at a that price so if that's hype then so be it. If you don't want to be called out about something then don't accuse people of "defending the hype train" when obviously you are the OP and have been a big part of the hype. Also there's a little saying that maybe you haven't heard of which is "don't bite the hand that feeds you." Just looking back on some of your comments it was pretty obvious it was directed at me. Next time think before you type.
    i wasnt directing this entirely at you. i respect you, silentrich. it wasn't personal. i've just observed hype from this across the board (youtube, basenotes, fragrantica, facebook: dozens of people) promoting it as a spitting image of aventus, which i see as a VERY far stretch.

    i didn't hype fresco at all. i just provided a medium to discuss it in. i was belligerently skeptical about the claim that aventus could be cloned. again, i didnt hype it. i just provided a medium of discussion and plenty of people decided to hype it. maybe 200 people will comment on my original santal thread. but that doesn't mean i'm recommending original santal to everybody. actually, NO fragrance has a direct clone. yes, there are always similar fragrances. but never direct clones.

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