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    Default When to wear DHI

    I am a college student and recently purchased DHI. When is a good time to wear this fragrance?

    I go to a religious university, so how would it be appropriate to wear to church? How about a social event or study group?

    Finally, how many sprays would you all recommend for this? Thanks!

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    Default Re: When to wear DHI

    Anytime IMO and for me 3 sprays work well.

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    Default Re: When to wear DHI

    I don't see DHI as a good fragrance for church or a study group. I think it's typically most appropriate for social/clubbing purposes. I learned the first time I wore it never to use more than one spray, but that's my preference. More than that makes me feel uncomfortable because the projection is very strong on me.....and it lasts. I once wore it to a baseball game, and even outside, I could smell it for the entire game. In close quarters, you would need to be careful with it, IMO.
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    Default Re: When to wear DHI

    As far as sprays i'd agree with red raider. for me i'd do 1 at max 2 sprays with this as it projects like crazy. I really wear it mostly for occasions where i will be cozy / close to some girls, or going clubbing. That said as long its its kinda cold (not too hot) and you don't put too much on I think you can pretty much wear it anywhere any time.
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    Default Re: When to wear DHI

    Anytime you want really.

    I wore it to my 8am Stat 299 class.
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    Default Re: When to wear DHI

    Few sprays are more than enough.

    When to wear: all in all, I'd say anytime, but in my opinion, it is extremely suitable for evening wear/semi-formal/night-time/clubbing/socializing/autumn-winter (as well as cooler spring or summer evenings) wear.
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    Default Re: When to wear DHI

    I too wear it whenever and however, but the vibe that it gives off is a date/night out scent. I do 4 sprays (2 chest 1 on each side of the neck), that might be pushing it a little, but I have yet to get complaints from anyone on over spraying. If you do go to a study group 2 should probably do it.

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    Default Re: When to wear DHI

    Wear it whenever you want to smell like lipstick.

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    Default Re: When to wear DHI

    i would say wear it in moderate to cool weather. probably at night, but also on a spring day would be fine. winter would be good, but just not on a summer day.

    wear it anywhere (except work or the gym). but spray lightly. i use 2 sprays and thats it.


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    Default Re: When to wear DHI

    This is a good all around fragrance and I'd think it reasonable to wear just about anytime. Even to church, especially as, with the decline of liturgical incense, churches have become an olfactory desert but for the occasional floral here and there.
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    Default Re: When to wear DHI

    I don't think it would be out of place in church. I'd wear it there if I had any on me at the moment. It smells pleasant, and isn't offensive IMO. I would agree with others that 3 sprays is fine, as the sprayer kicks out a pretty solid amount.

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    Default Re: When to wear DHI

    I think you'd be fine making it a day/night and social event scent. 3-4 sprays is what I go with. I'd lean on 3 sprays if you're going to be indoors and 4 if you're spending time outside.

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