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Thread: CREED Aventus

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    Default Re: CREED Aventus

    not a fan

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    Default Re: CREED Aventus

    got the z01 batch bottle from outer space the smoky/lysergic note makes me howl to the moon!

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    Default Re: CREED Aventus

    There are a few good days and there days when it's just 'pineapple gone bad in an ashtray' for me. Not impressed.

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    Default Re: CREED Aventus

    I really like it a lot and yet, somehow it still smells rather cheap to me. It's like a guilty pleasure, even though it's so high-priced. It smells shallow and empty, despite being so pleasant.

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    Default Re: CREED Aventus

    I definitely like it, maybe even love it, but I agree it is over-hyped to some extent.

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    Default Re: CREED Aventus

    I'm wearing it a 5th day in a row and I'm tiring of it. As I said earlier, this batch is strong and is pretty even when it comes to smoke and pineapple but the pineapple stays with me and wears me down. Also kind of messes with my sinuses.
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    Default Re: CREED Aventus

    Smells like newspapers to me. But yet, somehow, it is so addictive, wonderful, classy... Not sure why, but women seem to love it. So do I.

    Greatest of all time.

    However, there are way too many Aventus threads... I'm pretty sure there are other fragrances out there besides Aventus and DHI.

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    Default Re: CREED Aventus

    Quote Originally Posted by martinijo View Post
    No more!!!!!!
    No more!!!!!!!
    NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: CREED Aventus

    Put me in the Don't like category. For some reason all I get from it is a strong cheap Pine tree vibe. No sweet notes...

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    Default Re: CREED Aventus

    Maybe I just got two bad samples but to me this is a big "over hyped" dislike and not for me!

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