Of course, I'm being a bit flip, but....

Just received my Creed Millesime Imperial decant from dusttdust, and enjoying it.
I highly recommend splits with him, by the way; great transaction and communication.

Now, while I really like this, and will very much enjoy wearing this, within the first hour, what struck me was the very close similarity between this Creed and two designer aquatics: Ralph Lauren's Polo Sport and, Izod for Men (a mini that I picked up from Marshall's for $12 last Summer).

Agree? Disagree?

Unlike the aquatics though, the Creed is also pretty strong stuff; I sprayed one to the chest, and I can still smell it on myself over the course of the day, even while being outside in the icy NY weather.

Being new to this fragrance brand, I kind of feel like one of those guys you see running out of an Apple store on iPhone launch day, clutching his very first i-Product, high fiving the blue-shirts along the way.