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    Default Skin type problem

    For some reason, my skin tends to make fragrances last extremely long, I mean I could get 40 hours+ on something from a decant that I just dabbed on my wrist, but the problem is with projection.

    Most of my fragrances, always die out on me instantly in terms of projection, and then I need to get my nose direcltly on my wrist to smell the fragrance again.
    I mean I could wave my wrist around like a maniac in front of my nose from a distance of 20 cms and I would barely smell anything.

    Anyone have this same problem ?
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    Default Re: Skin type problem

    You are one of the lucky few. I guess it could be a problem though if you wanted to scrub something off and could not rid yourself of the scent. I've been able to use rubbing alcohol to scrub off some strong scents I've mindlessly oversprayed on my skin. Give it a try, it couldn't hurt.
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    Default Re: Skin type problem

    Lucky you! My skin eats many frags.

    The higher the temperature, the higher the projection. So you could try spraying on parts that get warm, eg the shirt's armpits or the like. Also,make sure you verify with other people that indeed the frags are not projecting. Sometimes our nose shuts off odors, but other people can perceive them.


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    Default Re: Skin type problem

    Have never had this problem if this could be called a problem.

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    Default Re: Skin type problem

    i noticed this: when your skin is very warm...then you project a lot but the scent is gone in like 3 hours max evaporates quicker...and also if you sweat it goes away...this happens to me when i exercise....but usually i dont heat so much when i sit so
    when the skin is lasts forever .......

    and if you have issues with longevity allways best to spray on clothes...on wool its perfect....i started wearing some perfume on my coat and have found perfect wool coat scent, i love it so so much, its Montales Cuir ...lasts for days...

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