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    Default Guerlains Vetiver

    I have seen on a couple of posts where Guerlain changed their recipe for Vetiver awhile back. Is this true and if so, what are the differences between them now. The one i have seems not to project much from the skin but then again my skin is pretty dry. I don't get the tobacco everyone speaks of but i do get that bright "biting" initial burst that by the time it calms down there's not much scent left to discern. Maybe that "bite" is the driving force behind the formula i have.

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    Default Re: Guerlains Vetiver

    So many have said. My feeling is that all incarnations of this scent are very good.

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    Default Re: Guerlains Vetiver

    Very good frag IMO.
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    Default Re: Guerlains Vetiver

    I didn't care for the tobacco note. Is it oblivious in the latest incarnate?
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Default Re: Guerlains Vetiver

    I didn't care for the tobacco note. Is it oblivious in the latest incarnate?
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Default Re: Guerlains Vetiver

    Hello volleybud and welcome!

    Generally the comments seem to be that going from vintage to the more recent ones, the Vetiver note has become less earthy, the top notes are brighter with more citrus, and the tobacco note is somewhat diminished. In other words a cleaner, brighter scent more suitable to contemporary tastes. You might also notice a slight pepper and nutmeg note in it too.

    Some people also seemed to get a "plastic/rubber" type note in the earlier versions and it was reported that the most recent reincarnation lacked that (a positive to some noses).

    I've tried a few versions and I always enjoy it. I particularly enjoy vetiver scents in warmer weather.

    The shape of the bottle and the graphics on the box can have good clues as to which version you have.

    Hope you enjoy it!
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    Default Re: Guerlains Vetiver

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    Default Re: Guerlains Vetiver

    The Vetiver note in the current formulation is sharper than the previous formulation.
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    Default Re: Guerlains Vetiver

    There has been at least one reformulation of this Vetiver. The original formula launched in 1958 was based not on Vetiver oil alone but on Vetiver Oil and Vetiveryl Acetate, which has a cleaner, less rooty, more citrus smell. Vetiveryl Acetate has now been restricted by IFRA. When I smell the current version I can smell a greater amount of the oil; there is a greater rootiness. Now doubt the Oakmoss has been reduced too.

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    Default Re: Guerlains Vetiver

    Renaissance Man seems to have nailed it - I like the new one.

    The blink and you missed it Vetiver Dior had out in the Prive line was in the same ballpark - a lighter green approach, a sort of 'anti Vetiver Extraordinaire / Sycamore' vibe.

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    Default Re: Guerlains Vetiver

    The newest version that came out in the last year or so (in the Habit Rouge bottle) seems to have a more pronounced vetiver oil content overall and the tobacco (which I didn't much care for) has been greatly dialed down. In all, I think this latest version is an improvement over the preceding one.

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    Default Re: Guerlains Vetiver

    The original was deep, rich, mysterious. One of the greats, and far more than just a vetiver fragrance.

    The post-2000 juice was cleaned up into an almost entirely different fragrance. Aldehylic citrus vetiver, thin, soapy, little character. Potentially annoying. Better than the average Creed, and ok if you need vetiver badly enough, but not very interesting or satisfying. Not sure how it would happen with IFRA regulations the way they are, but if the new one is better, that's great.
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