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    Red face Colognes Without Lime

    Hey everyone I’m having a bit of an issue having to do with find the right cologne for myself. The problem is I’m allergic to lemon and lime and almost all colognes I find have lime in them. I really like Gucci guilty but unfortunately it also has lime in it.

    So I know its kind of hard but if anyone knows any good colognes without lime as an ingredient I’d love to hear about them.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Colognes Without Lime

    51.3N by Dunhill

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    Default Re: Colognes Without Lime

    Do you mean perfume or cologne cologne?

    Try Rien. Not a hint of lemonies.
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    Default Re: Colognes Without Lime

    Very few colognes contain Lime oil, many contain Lemon.

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