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    Default Anyone ever ordered from before?

    Just wondering if anyone's ever ordered from here before and what your experiences have been if so? Yesterday, I bought a bottle of Frapin 1270 from them. The order seemed to go through fine and I got confirmation through by email, but now there seems to be a problem with the site. It won't let me login to my account so I can check up on the order status. I was initally able to see this for a short while after placing the order but then I was auto logged out. The login prompt just takes me to the registration form and it will even let me register a new account with the same email address as if the account that made the order never existed. Normally an attempt made to register an account on any site with an email address that already exists in the system will fail. I've sent them an email about this but have let to receive a reply. Just hoping there hasnt been a glitch as the site says they ship out all orders made before 1pm (mine was made well before 1pm), the same day and I never got the despatch email that the conformation mail promised.

    I'm probably worrying unnecessarily but their site does seem a bit broken...

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    Default Re: Anyone ever ordered from before?

    Give it a few days. 1270 is a great fragrance.

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    Default Re: Anyone ever ordered from before?

    Never had the need to as their scents are available on other online retail sites.

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    Default Re: Anyone ever ordered from before?

    Well there was no need to worry about the order! It's here after just 5 days. Very fast service and what made it even better was that the package contained spray samples of their entire range. Really impressive!

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