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    Default Voluspa Maison Blanc, Suede Blanc

    I got this candle in the mail, but there was no wick! I even dug with tweezers, but couldn't find it. Back it goes.

    Which is a shame, because it seemed like it would be an amazing fragrance. Apparently leather and cedar is what it smells like. It was the 15 oz. ceramic candle, with a pretty hinged decorative top.

    Any other voluspa fragrances you recommend or particularly like?

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    Default Re: Voluspa Maison Blanc, Suede Blanc

    So sorry your candle was missing a wick! I hope wherever you bought it from helped you out. Voluspa cares a great deal about their quality. As beautiful as the 15 oz ceramic container is, it's opaque so you can't see the candle burning. A lot of people don't mind that. I miss the ambiance the light brings and I forget the candle is burning since I can't see it so it becomes a bit of a safety concern (for me). Sometimes tall, narrow candles can get to be tough to burn as you get towards the bottom. They also get tough to light, extinguish and trim the wick. It's pretty though!! Suede Blanc also comes in a creamy white jar and 2-wick tin.

    Suede Blanc is a great fragrance! A lot of people say it smells like a sexy boyfriend. If you like masculine fragrances, you may want to try Warm Perique Tabac. (posting the link so you can find it easy - not trying to sell you). It smells like warn wooden floors and tobacco with a touch of leather. Another candle by Voluspa that's beautiful is Moso Bamboo. It's another sexy scent. Smells clean with cypress and both men and women love it.

    Voluspa is a great brand! One of our favorites. They burn very clean and long. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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