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    Default New fragrance: Adam Levine for Women

    Adam Levine of Maroon 5 has launched his debut fragrance, Adam Levine for Women. Last year there was talk of him launching a unisex fragrance called 222, but the first one out of the gate is what seems like a pretty standard woody-floral.

    From NST & Macy's:

    "Intoxicating, captivating, sexy... Adam Levine is the fragrance of spellbinding attraction. The floral woody scent boasts an overdose of spice intermingled with Indian Jasmine Petals, Australian Sandalwood, and Rose Petals, only to unveil a lingering base of creamy vanilla. As striking as it is obscure, Adam Levine's debut fragrance for women has an undeniably sexy signature, true to the singer himself."

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    Default Re: New fragrance: Adam Levine for Women

    Sounds pretty good.
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    Default Re: New fragrance: Adam Levine for Women

    OMG the bottle is hilariously ugly.
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    Default Re: New fragrance: Adam Levine for Women

    "Moves like Jagger" Levine (or, was it "lips like Jagger"? LOL) DOES strike me as a scent junkie type. He might have tested that Stella Cadente Miss Me too, judging by the notes. Will wait until the debut fragrance hits the discounters, should be about a year or so, right?

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