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    Default Applying Burberry Brit?

    Hey guys,

    I'm really new at this cologne stuff but recently changed my clothing style and purchased a bottle of burberry brit. I was wondering what would the best way to apply it be? I see conflicting reports from different people, 3 sprays/4 sprays and then where to spray (I've heard everything from neck, hair, to even below the belt!). I don't know where to start and don't want to waste my cologne or take guesses and over spray it and turn people away from me . Anyways any help would be lovely!

    Thank you .

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    Default Re: Applying Burberry Brit?

    I've always done one spray to chest, one spray to neck. For some reason, Brit gets extremely cloying to me if I do any more than 2 sprays.

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    Default Re: Applying Burberry Brit?

    One to chest with this one, or else it can nauseate me.

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    Default Re: Applying Burberry Brit?

    Take a few things into consideration. Will you be inside or outside most of the time? Depending on which I'd say 3-4 sprays max; two to neck/chest area and one to forearm/wrist, fourth can be back of neck if going outside.

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    Default Re: Applying Burberry Brit?

    This is something you'll have to figure out on your own. I always think of reviewers stating how many sprays they use as pointless.

    The idea is to smell pleasant without choking anyone out that is around you. This will depend on how strong the fragrance is, how well it projects, and overall how the fragrance reacts on your skin.

    If its strong, long lasting juice on your skin, maybe a spray on each arm. If you see that its not lasting or projecting off your skin, do a spray on your chest.

    If its a mellow, or soft fragrance, maybe one on each arm, and 2 on the chest.

    You'll have to play around with it.

    I remember watching Marcs review of Narciso for Him, and how many sprays he said he does. I wouldnt want to be anywhere near him! This stuff is lethal! 1 spray only!
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    Default Re: Applying Burberry Brit?

    Three sprays should suffice.

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    Default Re: Applying Burberry Brit?

    I'd also say that 3-4 sprays of this scent are quite the absolute maximum.
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