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    Default Eau d'Ombrie vs Azzaro vetiver

    I'm new and inexperienced here, but thought this topic might be a little specific for the newbie's board.

    I tried Azzaro's Pure Vetiver quite a while back and had an ambiguous relationship with it. I found it interesting, green and bitter but somewhat synthetic and overpowering, and it clung to clothes like a bad curry. I put the central accord down to something to do with pepper, cardamom and tea/maté and, as I say, something about it did intrigue me.

    I recently tried Eau d'Ombrie and, after much searching of the olfactory memory, realised it too has the same accord, once you've got past the booze in the opening. Ostensibly, the two don't share any notes according to the official versions. Whatever it is it is strongly reminiscent of a bag of dried red chillies but there are other spicy/woody/green inflexions.

    What is it I'm smelling there?

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    Default Re: Eau d'Ombrie vs Azzaro vetiver

    I find Azzaro's Pure Vetiver very soothing but don't get any pepper from it.

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    Default Re: Eau d'Ombrie vs Azzaro vetiver

    I assume it's meant to be black pepper, but as I say, I get spice market sack of dusty red chillies. Same with E d'O, but with perhaps a bit more wood. A strikingly similar accord between the two, and one I've not experienced elsewhere. To me it's the opposite of soothing. More unsettling, but nonetheless intriguing for its bitter, emetic quality.

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    Oh, and it lasts. Boy does it last. In both incarnations. Clearly a significant synthetic element to it.

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