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    Default Still haven't recieved LIDGE from canada.

    Its been three and a half weeks since I ordered my bottle and I still have not received it after the women on the phone said it would be a couple of days. I've seen mainly on here where people have said that customs can take a while but does it ever take this long? I'm thinking about just calling the place back and getting my money back. They said that if it didn't get to me by today they would send me another one but how do I know that it just won't be the same crap all over again? Does customs sometimes take this long or is my package potentially lost?

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    Default Re: Still haven't recieved LIDGE from canada.

    Very hard to know. It just worth your while to get your money back.

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    Default Re: Still haven't recieved LIDGE from canada.

    Customs will sometimes take that long. I had a package from the UK that took almost a month to arrive. It was around the time of Hurricane Sandy in which their international hub was not fully functioning and was shut down for about 2 weeks.

    That was the only time I have ever ordered anything that had to go thru customs. So I am not sure what the usual time frame is. I have been told that it varies. I would assume that from Canada to the US should not take that long though.

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    Default Re: Still haven't recieved LIDGE from canada.

    Actually come to find out the manager called me and said that she found out that customs confiscated the cologne, which is weird because she said she always puts cosmetics on the package and that this never happens. Just my bad luck i guess. Anyway she's going to send another one so hopefully no problems on this one.

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    Default Re: Still haven't recieved LIDGE from canada.

    If you are in the States, can you just order from a Guerlain shop there ? That way there is no customs.
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