I have smelled Heritage once on paper and a few weeks ago I tried some on my arm. I remember liking it a lot and it did remind me of Creed BDP but maybe a little sweeter with some cream. Both of these fragrances are really classes and remind me of something a wealthy person would use especially when dressed in a suit. I don't own any Guerlains besides LIDGE and I always wanted to add some Guerlains to my collection. I am just afraid that since I haven't really sampled it much, I may wear it a few times and then decide I don't like it.

Anyone have any experience with Guerlain Heritage EDT?

Is it something that I could add to my rotation year round?

Does it come in a 50ml or similar size bottle (I can get the 100ml but I will never use it all so I was hoping for a discount on a smaller bottle)?