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    Default Where to get decanting supplies?

    Hello everyone. In another thread, someone mentioned making a small investment in decanting supplies so as to be able to re-apply a fragrance when away from home or office.

    Where does one get decanting supplies. And if one wanted to carry a small atomizer of a beloved fragrance, how does one get the juice from the original bottle to the atomizer? I have never tried removing a spray nozzle from a bottle of perfume; do they screw on and off like the cap on a splash?

    Another thought I had about this is buying a 100ml or 200ml bottle of something and splitting with a friend; could help lower the acquisition cost.

    Very interested to learn more about this. TIA.
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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

    I used before. 3 or 4 times, no issues.
    Don't know if they're the lowest price, but read lots of people use them here.
    Most bottles have the nozzle clamped, so you would have to spray into the atomizer.
    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

    I highly recommend

    I would order 25 of the 5ml plastic atomizers to get started(and they will throw in some sample pipette, funnels, etc.)
    You decant simply by spraying directly into the atomizer. Disposable pipettes are useful if you are transferring juice from a mini bottle to an atomizer. You may want some funnels for transferring from a splash bottle to an atomizer.
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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

    Yup, A fantastic company. I use them often and would highly recommend them.

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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

    Another vote for Accesories for Fragrances, a top notch company. I placed an order yesterday.

    As others have said, to decant a fragrance you simply spray from the bottle directly into the decant. When I first started out I didn't understand how that would work. I thought it would spray everywhere, but it doesn't. It's quite easy actually, all you need is a steady hand, and a strong index finger!
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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

    As others have said, there are two main sources, accessoriesforfragrances and

    I've purchased from both. Prices are similar. Bestbottles is cheaper on some items (for instance, for bottles, for which it also has a larger selection). bestbottles requires a minimum purchase, though. But that's not a problem because as you start playing around, you'll find yourself going through lots of vials and bottles. So if you place an oder, stock up. For instance, vials, both 3ml and 1ml, should be purchased in the hundreds.

    Also, bestbottles doesn't sell pipettes, you'll have to buy those at accessories. And it might be worth to buy small ziploc bags there-these can be found in drugstores or Staples/officemax, but they're cheaper at accessories. Bestbottles however sells small velvet pouches, which you will need to protect box-less bottles from light.

    As also noted, the spray mechanism cannot be taken out of most commercial bottles, so you have to spray. If you have problems with spraying into a vial, you can spray into small funnels, which you'll also find there.


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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

    I will always be faithful to - I've done business with them for a while and have never been disappointed.

    The owner is great communicator and the supplies are always good (never a bad atomizer)!


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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

    Basenoter Brian Chambers posted a video of a method he devised to decant from an atomizer without spraying, using a syringe:

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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

    I recently researched the subject as well and it seems that pretty much everybody that decants and does splits uses the two sources mentioned already in this thread.
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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

    Add another to the list for Also eBay has a variety of decant supplies.

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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

    They also have an eBay store seattle_4 I believe is the name. I think their prices are a tad bit more on eBay though.

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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

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    Default Re: Where to get decanting supplies?

    I recently used and would again.

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