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    Default Men's Sample Pass-CLOSED

    Hello Everyone!

    For those of you that are unfamiliar with how a sample pass works I will explain. Since I am the executor of the pass I will choose some samples to send out to 3-5 people that sign up. The first person will send me their address and I will send them a bubble mailer of samples to sniff, sample and post a review for each sample.After they are done (depends on the number of samples) they will Private message the next person on the list for their adress and send the same samples to them and they will sniff, sample and post a review for each sample.You see how this is going? The last sniffer will do the same thing, but will keep the remainder of the samples.

    There is usually a name for the sample pass like the Aldehydeics Pass or The Chanel Pass, but this being our first pass is going to be a Men's Sample Pass. There will be a total of 10 misc.fragrances(designer and niche) to sample and review. I have not picked the lot yet,but let me say one important thing here. It is not important that you have a refined nose that can pick out all the notes in a fragrance, but that you are able to write out your impression of a frag!
    There will be enough sample material for at least five people as long as you don't waste the sample and only use enough to get the job done. Most of the vials should be 2.5ml spray vials or 1.6ml glass vials, but there may be a 1ml vial in the package and five people can still sample off of it.Please keep your sampling with the spray vials down to two sprays. Please try to keep your sampling and posting your reviews down to less than one week. If you need more time, then please let me know and I will let the next person in line. Then you must send your package onto the next sampler. You must use a small bubble mailer and extra bubble wrap to keep the samples safe for the next sampler. There is nothing worse than getting a package of sample with broken samples!Another hint, not a rule and I hate to encourage lying, but is to not tell your post office you are sending perfumes through the mail or our pass will be broken. I always just say that I'm sending cosmetics, if they ask. Another rule to observe is to post to me when you receive your package from the previous person and when you mail out to the next person.

    This is a great learning experience so climb aboard!!!

    Our First sampler is 1.
    2.L'Homme Blanc Individuel
    Please reply below if your interested and I will add your name to the list. Please be aware that for now we are going to be CONUS only! Sorry!

    How to Pack Samples to Avoid Mishaps

    Basically there are two things to prevent: leaks and breakage.
    Leak prevention:

    1. Leave a bit of head space when decanting!
    Liquids expand in the lower atmospheric pressure of the airplane hold, so don't fill the vial or atomizer completely, or the perfume will be forced out when it expands.

    2. Tape the caps on afterward.
    The idea is to keep the cap in place so the sprayer doesn't discharge by accident. Bandage tape leaves the least residue, I am told, but many people use electrical tape or some other tape. I like to use Parafilm, a thin, stretchy, non-adhesive plastic film used in laboratories, which I buy on eBay (one can buy small amounts.) Parafilm is also useful for sealing spray samples that have no cap.

    3. Use Teflon tape/ plumber's tape to improve the seal of the threads on atomizers with a screw-on sprayer.
    This is a thin, white, non-adhesive tape. It is cheap and found in the hardware department. Cut about 3 inches of it, wrap it counter-clockwise around the threads while smoothing it down with your thumb (don't go around more than twice or it will be too thick.) Then screw on the sprayer clockwise.

    4. Put the samples in a zipper-type bag.
    I like to use two kinds. One is a pill bag that has a white area you can write on. These are a good size for the small, snap-on sprayer type atomizers and glass vials. I get these at WalMart, in the section near the pharmacy where they sell pill boxes. Also, in the craft section, there are packs of various sizes of zipper-type bags for about $2.00; carded samples and larger atomizers will fit in the larger of these.

    Breakage prevention: Glass vials

    If it's a manufacturer's sample and has its own card, the card will offer a bit of protection.

    If sending several carded samples, I nest them one inside the other, then bag them tightly all together. A bit of bubble wrap over them is extra protection.

    If they have no card, make a protective folder of your own.
    I use shirt cardboard (thin, somewhat rigid cardboard) but any cardboard will do. Fold it so that it covers 3 sides of the sample and then tape the 4th side shut. Then pop it into a bag and into the bubble mailer. You can fit several glass vials side by side in one cardboard folder, but if you do that, put a bit of cushioning between them.

    Or put the samples in tins or flat plastic boxes
    Tins that held breath mints or lozenges are lightweight. Someone recently sent me a bunch of samples in a light plastic eyeglass case! Be creative; use whatever you have on hand. Pad inside the tin so the vials don't break each other from impact while the package is in transit. Try to keep the weight down, though.

    The ultimate breakage prevention is shipping the samples with bubble wrap/packing peanuts in a cardboard box.
    I will do this if there are a lot of samples, but I am getting away from sending more samples than people can adequately test in 2 weeks.

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