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    Default New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    Just got a sample of New Haarlem. While it's very intriguing, it can get distracting for me after a while. That said... I'm interested in trying out a few more samples from this house, but there seems to be so many! New Haarlem seems to be the favorite by far, but what else should I keep an eye out for?

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    If you can, check a sample of Chez Bond. Pretty good juice!

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    If you can, check a sample of Chez Bond. Pretty good juice!
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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    The only one I have ever considered wearing although I would personally never buy it, is Riverside Drive.

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    New Haarlem
    Bleecker Street
    New York Oud
    New York Musk
    New York Amber
    I <3 NY for Him (Super generic, but very pleasant and lasts alllll day)
    "I am a robot and I like cheese"

    Top 5:
    1. Axe Kilo
    2. Lectric Shave
    3. Vicks Vapor Rub
    4. Febreze Pour Homme
    5. Preferred Stock

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    Washington Square
    NY Oud
    Harrods Oud
    Harrods Oud Patchouli

    Stand outs for me. Especially Harrods Oud Patchouli, which I think is the best fragrance released in 2012 (with Interlude Man and Woman right behind).
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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    West Side is very unique.
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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    I think i'm an oddball when it comes to Bonds. I'm not a fan of New Haarlem. I think its nice, but i wouldn't wear it.

    Bleecker street is pretty decent, although i never bought another bottle.

    My favorite is Eau De New York. Its a really magical scent to me, i can't put my finger on what it reminds me of. But i find myself enchanted everytime i get a whiff.

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    I think of Bn9 fragrances as that loud-mouthed American who shouts everything, laughs too loud, and often tells dirty jokes so everyone can hear them. Standing beside him, is a refined, quiet British guy named Penhaligon's. His language is quiet and never off-colored. Bn9 often misses completely in it's recipies, but projects like crazy and lasts until you scrub it off. Most are foul, chemical smelling messes, but there are a few that work well. My favorite is New York Amber, I can also see the quility in H.O.T., Great Jones, and Eau de New York. Some like Riverside Drive, and Bleeker St. have a strange Fake Grape/chemical smell that ruins them. I have tested about 20 Bonds, and only like 2, and only own 1.
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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    Depends on what you like:

    Brooklyn and Bleeker St are the standouts to me and are the only full bottles I actually own!

    Hamptons is good as well, though it seems feminine by the note breakdown, when worn by the right man it can garner many compliments.

    I Love NY for All is a good gourmand.

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    The only two I would consider full bottle worthy are New Haarlem and I Love NY For All!

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    Most of the offerings from the Bond house are decent, but very overpriced for quality you are getting. Yes, they are unique, but they are more-so designer quality than niche quality.

    New Haarlem is the best of the house.

    Wall Street, Bleecker Street, Chinatown, and Cooper Square are nice, but it depends if you want to pay the price.

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    What's everybody's take on Gramercy Park? I've been getting into green fragrances recently and this one has piqued my interest.

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    Worth checking out:

    Wall Street - strong, fresh, cucumber-like aquatic.
    Bleecker Street - interesting floral and masculine aroma that begins with a blueberry note.
    Riverside Drive - amazingly easy to wear, fresh, aromatic fragrance that features pineapple, sage, and sandalwood (my first Bond).
    Cooper Square - formal, masculine; cognac and smokey tobacco segues into resins and amber.
    New Haarlem - sweet, dessert-like oriental that is soft with vanilla and a touch powdery.
    Chez Bond - masculine tea-based fragrance that is your go-to for work, formals, and special occasions; a staple, a classic. Not spicey like an 80s powerhouse.
    Hamptons - sharp, floral; robust smell of a field of flowers just off the beach.
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    Christian Dior Dune
    Guerlain Homme (EDT)
    Bond No9 Riverside Drive

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    - OE (olfactoryexperience)

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    My favourites from Bond No.9:

    Silver Factory (metallic incense)
    West Side (juicy rose)
    Chez Bond (citrus/violet leaf/tea- often compared to GIT)
    Great Jones (70's/80's style chypre- often compared to Paco Rabanne)
    I Love NY for All (chocolate/coffee/nut/vanilla gourmand)
    Washington Square (honey/rose)

    I love Chinatown (peach/rose) on my girlfriend.
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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    All worth checking out IMO:
    Bleecker Street
    Chez Bond
    NY Amber
    NY Oud
    I Love New York for Marriage Equality
    Eau de New York
    Montauk (a little too close to Bleecker Street for purchase, but if you don't have Bleecker Street, worth a look)
    NY Musk
    Harrods for Him (despite the name, it leans a little feminine, but a nice fragrance)
    I Love New York for All
    Chinatown (leans a little feminine, but smells great and worth a look)
    Silver Factory
    Harrods Oud Patchouli

    If you like green/fresh:

    I Love New York for Fathers
    High Line
    Sag Harbor

    If you like your Oud a little dirty:
    Harrods Oud / HSLE

    80's style powerhouse type:
    Great Jones

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    I love Gramercy Park. It's very wearable, and great for Spring. Very much unisex as well. I find all of my Bonds (I have over 40) to have the most amazing longevity of any house. For a man, I would recommend:
    Riverside Drive *
    Harrods for Him *
    Cooper Square
    Wall Street
    Saks for Him
    Great Jones
    I Love NY for Him *
    I Love NY Fathers *
    I Love NY Marriage Equality *
    The ones with stars are the ones that I would never want to be without.
    I know that as I explored the line, I became open to some of the more floral scents, which I initially thought were too feminine; like NY Oud, High Line, West Side, and The Scent of Peace. It also expanded my interests to be able to wear something scents like Harrods Oud and Harrods Oud Patchouli.
    Hope this is helpful!

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    I think the best ones are:

    Harrods Oud
    Harrods Oud Patchouli
    I Love NY for Marriage Equality (I don't know why I like it but it just works)
    Silver Factory
    Washington Square

    I find the very early fragrances to be terrible and the house has slowly been getting better over the last few years. They do make my most hated fragrance which is the sickly sweet milky vomity Chinatown.

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    I personally think Riverside Drive is by far the best of any I've tried. I own it and it's the only one I would purchase at least. Others that I thought were decent, but not worth the money were Chez Bond and Fire Island
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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    I like West Side & China Town but they are on the feminine side

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    Default Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    Riverside Drive is the best masculine of the line imo. A green, fresh scent with great longevity and a classic twist.

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