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    Smile hmmm is this still Sandalwood?

    Hi all, so I just received some indian sandalwood in the mail and it smells like pine needles, is this normal? I am used to getting a creamy buttery like woody smell that raptures my mind but again this stuff smells like pine needles and it is also kinda difficult to even smell it... anyways my knowledge is very limited because of my experience and I was wondering if I got jacked or if that just the way some sandalwood smells...

    Any advice on my next order of sandalwood would be appreciated too... I normally get it from new directions aromatics if someone has tried to compare... but I am looking to try something new (thus the pine needle sandalwood)


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    Default Re: hmmm is this still Sandalwood?

    Sandalwood, like any natural, does vary from batch to batch. Genuine Indian sandalwood from Santalum album is extremely difficult to obtain now and to be honest probably better not to buy as the plants there are endangered. It certainly should not smell like pine needles.

    Personally I use Vanuatu Sandalwood from Santalum austrocaledonicum, which is grown in a sustainable way. It has been out of stock for a while at Hermitage but I believe they will shortly have some available again: I'd recommend trying that.
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    Default Re: hmmm is this still Sandalwood?

    Thanks Chris,

    I had been studying your website before taking a chance on trying a new sandalwood for me. I was on the edge and really convinced to try the Vanuatu Sandalwood but last minute I changed my mind because I had only tried what I believed to be the mysore type of sandalwood... and felt conflicted it might be a leap to the Vanuatu... wow I wish I didnt change my mind last minute but grateful in a way to explore the range of sandalwood quality and didnt splurge on a large quantity

    live and learn thanks again for the advice... as soon as Hermitage has Sandalwood back in stock, I will order some

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