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    Default Best Rochas scents?


    In my opinion the house Marcel Rochas is one of the best considering the fragrances of designers.

    I wonder what are your opinions on the various perfumes of this excellent brand.

    In my collection I am proud to have the following scents in this order of preference:

    1 - Lui de Rochas

    For me this is the top of the tops from the perfumes produced by this amazing brand.

    Lui is undoubtedly one of the great masterpieces created by the genius of Michel Almairac a perfume which for me will always be placed on a very high level.

    One of the best gourmands ever!!

    2 - Globe

    I remember buying the Globe for Christmas in the early nineties, this perfume was one of the novelties in the stores and I immediately fell in love with this fragrance and its great quality.

    It is a classic and a timeless option.

    3 - Monsieur Rochas

    This is a perfume with great quality and reminds me of my childhood.
    Monsieur was one of my dad's favorite perfume, I remember seeing and experiencing this perfume that was highlighted at the top of the dresser.
    It is with great pride that we now have an old bottle (vintage) this elegant perfume.

    4 - Eau de Rochas (Vintage)

    Undoubtedly very well blended, the vintage version is much better than the current one.

    5 - Rochas Man

    A good gourmand, but its longevity kill him ...!

    6 - Aquaman

    Another aquatic scent, no different from many other.

    And then there are the others, the most desirable, the Macassar and classic Moustache!

    Whenever I go to a perfume shop, I always wonder if by chance they do not have any Macassar forgotten on a shelf.

    This would be my dream come true.

    Take this opportunity to ask you how many of you are possessors of this mythical perfume?



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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    My collection has everyone in the list including Macassar and Moustache.

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    I also own all of the above. I don't know about best, but my favorites from Rochas (masculines only but they used to have some great feminines as well) are Moustache, Monsieur, and Macassar, probably in that order. I find vintage Moustache to be one of the most unusual and interesting frags out there.

    Lui is also good, but their currently available frags are mere shadows of their former selves.

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?


    But I do like Lui a lot. Nice pick op!
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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    Rochas Man to me is the best of all...

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    From this fragrance house, I can hardly think of any bad scent, while Eau de Rochas, Rochas Man and Aquaman being quite good.
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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    +1 Eau de Rochas
    +1 Rochas Man

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    My favorite is Rochas Lui and what a smell. It's an utter disgrace they ended up discontinuing this.
    Life is too short to sample. Buy Blind | I am generally not interested in batch hunting or weak fragrances.

    [UK] - FÈVE DÉLICIEUSE splits

    Top 10 in no particular order:

    Amouage - Epic Man
    Montale - Black Aoud
    Montale - Aoud Lime
    Boucheron - Jaipur pour homme edp
    Hermes - Terre d'Hermes pure parfum
    Thierry Mugler - A Men Pure Malt
    Serge Lutens - Ambre Sultan
    Rochas - Lui
    Davidoff - Cool Water
    Mancera - Cedrat Boise

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    Rochas holds a special place in my heart. I was first introduced to this magnificent hourse when I bought Rochas Man about 10 years ago. Only one store in my home town stocked it, and they closed shop soon after. As of now Rochas is not available in Norway, and I have had to get my fix through online shops. I think Rochas in many ways spawned what now has become close to a fragrance obsession :-d

    My favourites (prioritized):

    01. Lui (own) - Of my 150+ bottles this one is in my Top 5
    02. Macassar vintage
    03. Macassar "current" (own)
    04. Rochas Man Intense (own)
    05. Rochas Man (own)
    06. Desir (own)
    07. Aquaman (own)
    08. Eau De Rochas curret formula (own)
    09. Eau de Rochas vintage (own)
    10. Moustache

    I have yet to try Monsieur Rochas, Reflets d`Eau de Rochas & Globe, so if anyone have them and are feeling generous... :-d
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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    Lui is one of my top choices . . . superbly blended and simply "smells great". I also like the vintage Moustache . . . classic.

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    Moustache and Femme are my favourites so far.

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    I own a bottle of vintage Monsieur Rochas and love it.

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    My vote goes to Rochas Man

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    Rochas Man

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    Is this the same man who made Musc Ravageur?

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    Currently wearing: Y by Yves Saint Laurent

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    Default Re: Best Rochas scents?

    A wonderful house - apart from the six initially mentioned, I do also have Macassar - a few bottles including the original orginal squat shaped bottle, Moustache (re-release version), Desir, Reflets D'eau - although I love Macassar since its launch, I hardly use it and would use it mostly for myself more than anything else - it's a very comfort scent. I still like Rochas Man but again hardly use it much as well.

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