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    Default Allue homme sport VS A&F Fierce

    So im a junior in high school and im wondering, which of these colognes is better in terms of compliments and likability (esp of the opposite sex). Now obviously I know that theres no 'magic potion' to get girls, but Im pretty confident in all other areas of my life, so i see this as the icing on the cake. Both fragrances have pretty good projection/longevity, so im just looking for which one makes the girls weak at the knees. Thanks

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    Default Re: Allue homme sport VS A&F Fierce

    As much as i would like to go with Allure Homme Sport, that would be selfish. For a high schooler, I would suggest A&F Fierce.
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    Default Re: Allue homme sport VS A&F Fierce

    Tweens love Fierce
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    Default Re: Allue homme sport VS A&F Fierce

    I would get Chanel. The A&F is more expensive now.... not worth it in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Allue homme sport VS A&F Fierce

    Allue Homme Sport

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