The first month of the year 2013 has come to an end, so here are my first stats for this year:

4 Amaranthine, Tolu
3 Mutation no.1, Shalimar
2 Olive (DSH), Onda, Vetiver (Etro)

They run a bit short because I have bronchitis (thank heavens the worst part is over!) and wasn't able to wear any kind of scent for almost two weeks. Still can't think about wearing anything that comes in a spray bottle, so wear scents that are applied in some other method, oils and solid perfumes.

Amaranthine was the winner this month, I got it at Penhaligon's sale and was stuck with it for days, great fragrance and a great bargain, too! The joint winner Tolu came from a sample, I didn't have time to quite finish it before I fell ill. Mutation no. 1 and DSH Olive were the first scent I wore after I started to feel better.

What did you wear this January?