Based on my taste, what cologne would you recommend I get next?

Calvin Klein Euphoria - it was my first cologne, liked it, but in retrospect not that great
Nautica Oceans- same

Currently Using:
Gucci Pour Homme II - my favorite, love the tea note and sweet smell. calming
Dolce Gabanna Light Blue Pour Homme - too common smelling
Hugo Boss Bottled - One of my favorites, but can get too sweet smelling
Dolce Gabanna The One - my second favorite. like to wear it at night
Burberry Touch - not really my taste, wear it for the girlfriend its her favorite
Lacoste Blanc 12.12.12 - Like the opening notes but its too young and sporty
Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger- wear it for nostalgia. very average. dont wear it often

I like Green Irish Tweed and Aventus but as of right now i dont LOVE colognes enough to spend that kind of money

I am considering Pi by Givenchy, Only the Brave by Diesel, Rochas Man, and Michael Jordan by Michael Jordan

I also just bought Bvulgari Pour Homme, it hasnt got here yet.

I looked for the most well reviewed colognes on this site and thought that Egoiste was great. Terre hermes is okay. Dior homme i didnt like.