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    HI, everyone.

    I dont know if a post like this have already been made, but I didnt find it. ( if it already exist, post the link , please).

    I was going to a party with some friends of the church, as soon I got near the door of the house, a cute girl turn the head with a big eyes saying what a gorgeous scent I was wearing, and til the end of the day she was complimenting me.
    I was wearing Farenheit wich I dont like

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    Default Re: Post your compliment history

    I'd have to write a book

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    Default Re: Post your compliment history

    Keep wearing masterpieces like Fahrenheit, and it won't be your last compliment.

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    Default Re: Post your compliment history

    First one probably in 1968, and last one...?

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    Default Re: Post your compliment history

    I posted a comment, but apparently it didn't take. There's a huge compliments thread here.
    Current Favorites (not in any particular order)
    Rose 31
    Lumiere Noire
    Aqua Celestia
    Royal Water
    Royal Oud
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    Dior Homme
    Aqua Universalis
    1725 Casanova
    Reflection Man
    Interlude Man
    Grey Vetiver
    Hanae Mori HM EDT
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    Fahrenheit is an apparently unlikely, but in fact sturdy, reliable, even pleasantly repetitive compliment getter.

    This being said, apart from commending Fahrenheit for this and moving on to my personal experience, I say that the compliment is in fact quite often interesting me less, than the fragrance that garnered it. Sure, nobody denies liking to receive a compliment, but I find it so interesting to notice which fragrance or even note in it triggered the reaction, what causes the "magic" of one particular fragrance to stand out (and others not or much less often).
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    All the occasions I did something worthwhile instead of just wearing perfume.
    We want a niche forum.

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    I wore Patou Pour Homme tonight and nobody even noticed it. But here's the thing, I did, and believe me, that is all that matters...
    Hard work never killed anyone, but why risk it?

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    Most recent was Molecule 01
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    The biggest complement I got was from wearing Diesel Fuel For Life. I was walking past a group of girls in a stairway and as soon as I passed they all turned around and said you smell amazing.

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    Allure Homme Sport wins by a land slide. I went to my sisters for a family dinner and she told me that if I wasn't her brother, she'd jump my bones cause I smell so good!
    1) Chergui (Serge Lutens)
    2) Dior Homme Intense
    3) Aventus (Creed)
    4) Allure Homme Sport (Chanel)
    5) La Nuit De l'Homme (YSL)

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    In recent months, both from male co-workers:
    One for Quorum, one for Bogart PH

    Club de Nuit Intense Man
    Al-Rehab Dakar
    Van Cleef and Arpels pour homme
    Bleu de Chanel edp
    Nabeel Arab Tradition
    Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo
    CK One Shock
    Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve

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    Most from one cologne was Frank # 2

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    guys, any good soul posted a interest thread with histories, thank u
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    One time at the zoo, I was wearing Jubilation XXV, and the orangutan kept vigorously sniffing for the source of the smell when I'd walk close to his cage. I think he dug it.

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