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    Default Diffusion, odour detection thresholds, and vapour pressures of aroma compounds

    I found the following definition of diffusion, and was wondering if the odour detection threshold also has a bearing? I imagine that it does, but it doesn't hurt to check.

    Diffusion. The volatilisation, evaporation and dispersal of a material throughout the surrounding atmosphere. In chemistry and physics this is normally related to the high Vapour Pressure and low molecular weight of a chemical. However, in perfumery it equally refers to a material or compounds ability to permeate the atmosphere with it's characteristic smell around it's source. Strangely, a materials ability to do this is not always related to it's Vapour Pressure. Some larger molecule materials (e.g.. Hedione, Iso E Super) not only demonstrate this ability but also 'hang' in the air. The molecules evaporate but instead of moving quickly from the vicinity of the source seem to move slowly away.

    Also, does anyone know of an on-line list of the ODT and VP of aroma compounds? They're probably available individually, but it'd come in useful to have as many as possible in one place to use as a reference.


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    Default Re: Diffusion, odour detection thresholds, and vapour pressures of aroma compounds

    I take it that you've not heard of the Perfumer's Search?

    Enter an item into one of the search parameters for finding all manner of information that you seek...
    It searches in the firs field, the Database for The Good Scents Company.

    Have Fun Learning!
    Paul Kiler
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    Default Re: Diffusion, odour detection thresholds, and vapour pressures of aroma compounds

    Cheers, Paul. Nice one!


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