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    Default Identifying a Diesel fragrance

    I need help identifying a fragrance.

    We had a house guest from Mexico City and he wore a Diesel fragrance that drove me crazy. It wasn't Alejandro that did it, it was strictly the fragrance.

    It didn't have much sillage - I smelled it twice, when we hugged as he arrived, and when we hugged as he left, so... not a sillage monster.

    But it took my breath away. I don't know or care if it was classic or good. My reaction was strictly visceral. He said it was a Diesel fragrance but that was all he knew (or cared). I tried to get him to show me the bottle, but that never transpired.

    For the fragrance: hard to explain - I believe it was in the heartnote or drydown phase. Hints of freshness, not too base-y, not too strong, smooth, non-gourmand, non-sweet, possible 'new' chypre; tmn amazingly sensual. That was as far as I could pick up without clinging to his neck, which I was almost willing to do.

    I know chemistry is everything. This might have been a 'perfect storm' fragrance on him, but am hoping not. Is there anyway of discerning this fragrance through the little I have given? Thanks so much.

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    Default Re: Identifying a Diesel fragrance

    Fuel for life?

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    Default Re: Identifying a Diesel fragrance

    Could have been fuel for life, Only the Brave, Diesel by Diesel or if it had a green vibe, it could have been Diesel Green Masculine.
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    Default Re: Identifying a Diesel fragrance

    Has to be Only The Brave with its beautiful and soft leather note.

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    Default Re: Identifying a Diesel fragrance

    Probably either of those two already mentioned.

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    Default Re: Identifying a Diesel fragrance

    I love leather - it might have been Only The Brave.

    I'm going to a store today that has a line of Diesel, and will try the suggestions. Should be fun if nothing else, but I really am intent on this fragrance, so hope I hit the jackpot. Thanks for the suggestions. Nice to have a knowledgeable group to turn to.

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    Default Re: Identifying a Diesel fragrance

    If you say it wasn't sweet, I'd be surprised if the frag ended up being FFL - I find that so sweet that it induces a toothache just writing about it.

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    Default Re: Identifying a Diesel fragrance

    It does sound most like Only The Brave.

    I own quite a few Diesel scents. Fuel for Life projects like a beast, and most people can smell the raspberry in it. Zero Plus has average projection and is mostly a cinnamon bomb, with a rubbery smell along with heliotrope (sort of vanilla-ish). Plus Plus projects pretty strong and has a very synthetic smell.. sort of grape-ish, creamy, hard to categorize, and harder to explain, similar to B*Men or Escada Magnetism, I would say. Green Masculine is basically lime and vanilla, very fresh green, sits a bit closer to the skin.

    Only the Brave is fresh and peppery, amber/leather -- doesn't project very well either. Sounds like this may be it.
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    Default Re: Identifying a Diesel fragrance

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