I got doused by this from being ignorant and giving the top of my hand to the spray model. Yep she had my hand dripping wet with Versace Eros has she continued to lavishly spray herself with yep Versace Eros.

She went on to inform me how it is the most masculine sexy scent she ever smelt. All I was getting was heavy alcohol as I proceed to take a Kleenex from my coat pocket to wipe off all the Versace Eros she placed on my hand.

I was getting pushed to by a bottle ...I asked could I get a sample to try out first...yes she said...as she showed me if you purchase a 3oz bottle and deo stick in a cellophane bag you get a sample vile include.

One more time I asked do you have a sample for free to try before I purchase at that point I noticed she left me. She proceed to lavishly spray herself while taking to some young men about Versace Eros ...Yep the most masculine sexy scent she ever smelt.

Yep there you fricking have guys Versace Eros.