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    Default What is a body splash?

    Neroli Portifino comes in a body splash. What is this exactly? And how is it best used?

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    Default Re: What is a body splash?

    Haven't seen that in men's fragrances, only women's. It's a very light version of the scent, meant to be applied to refresh oneself, such as after a shower.

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    Default Re: What is a body splash?

    Body splashes are very low concentration frags that are so light you are supposed to pour with abandon on your hands and spread all over your skin (if it comes in dab form) or spray with abandon all over the body (if it comes in spray form). As in the case of Neroli portofino, they are typically composed of very fresh but fleeting materials like citrus. Given their low concentration and freshness of notes, they don't last, no matter how much you use, so they are not substitutes for perfumes. They can be used as fresheners, for a zingy but temporary relief, just when you want five minutes of freshness and relief, eg in the bathroom, or when it's hot.


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