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    Default Re: Need some advice on "gothic" perfumes

    Well, there you go. They actually sing the answer to your question.

    "Opium and Poison
    My taste of June, my taste of you
    Inhale, inhale your trail
    Opium and Poison
    with me, all flavours go,
    It's sensual, it's sensual, it's sensual"

    Thanks Clan of Xymox!

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    Default Re: Need some advice on "gothic" perfumes

    Ungaro II and Ungaro III
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    Default Re: Need some advice on "gothic" perfumes

    I would recommend Djedi by Guerlain....or maybe even L´heure bleue.
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    Default Re: Need some advice on "gothic" perfumes

    Kinski, CdG Black..among many, many Others..

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    Default Re: Need some advice on "gothic" perfumes

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaern View Post
    Salvador Dali Pour Homme
    This! Salvador Dali PH is an incredibly fascinating scent, dark, moody and mysterious. Very masculine but, a "goth" woman will pull it off with ease!
    My SOTD today!
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    Default Re: Need some advice on "gothic" perfumes

    Quote Originally Posted by Darvant View Post
    Here some dark fragrances with gothic/decadent facets:

    Dark Aoud Montale
    Aoud Flowers Montale
    Black Musk Montale (dark but in a metallic and post-industrial way, not gothic)
    Full Incense Montale
    Black Afgano Nasomatto (Gothic, extremely dark and modern/chic at once)
    Black Tourmaline Durbano
    Norma Kamali Incense
    Etro Patchouly (i agree with Foustie about it) + Messe de Minuit Etro
    Salvador Dali Pour Homme
    Zagorsk + Avignon CdG
    Patchouli Noir Il Profvmo (decadent)
    Lancome Magie Noir
    Tauer Incense Rose+Incense Extreme
    Mazzolari Lui
    N.88 C&S
    Parfum d'Empire Cuir Ottoman
    Cinnabar Estee Lauder
    Serge Noir, Sarrasins and Muscs Koublai Khan by Serge Lutens
    Poivre Samarcande Hermes
    Leather Oud Dior
    By Kilian Pure Oud
    Amouage Memoir Man
    Olibanum Profumum Roma
    Bandit Piquet
    Ferre Pontaccio 21
    Jacomo de Jacomo
    Nombre Noir Shiseido
    Vintage Ungaro III
    Il Nero by Il Nero Profumi
    V For Men Clive Christian
    Gotham Neil Morris
    Shams Memo
    M Puredistance (more decadent and antique than dark/gothic)
    Encens Flamboyant Annick Goutal
    Stella by Stella McCartney
    Kingdom Alexander McQueen (sinister, highly spicy but modern)
    I would second 99% of these, by far - I think I share Darvant's concept of "goth" (must be the Italian DNA). I would just add Caraceni 1913 and vintage Bogart's Furyo.

    My fragrance reviews | Ye Olde Civet Cat

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    Default Re: Need some advice on "gothic" perfumes

    Not yet mentioned :

    Galliano by John Galliano
    Allegri by Allegri
    Currently wearing: Eau Fraîche by Caron

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