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    Default Nasomatto Duro review

    Decided to review nasomatto duro tonight after the gym. Thought it would be a good night for a review with the cool weather here in NJ and i decided to go out to a turkish restaurant after(i had a dish with pureed smoked eggplant topped with beef and rice, cucumber salad with dill/mintyogurt and garlic,,turkish tea, lentil soup and some sort of desert with garbanzo beans, white beans, fruit, and pomegranite seeds)..anyway back to the review...i applied it to both forearms and both sleves of my shirt with the sample swab stick. the opening on first wiff i get dry woods, leather, dry spices and oud...this fragrance seems very dry...everything is done very good and it keeps its opening throughout the entire drydown..stays linear...i can still smell some of the restaurant smell on my sleeve as i type this and i must say turkish food mixes nicely with this fragrance.

    overall i thought this is a nice fragrance but i prefer Pardon the most out of nasomattos.

    just as i am typing this my mother walked in the room and said and i quote "whoa, you are wearing to much perfume"

    - - - Updated - - -

    i went a little crazy with the swab stick

    - - - Updated - - -

    i dont think she has ever given me a compliment on how i smell
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    Default Re: Nasomatto Duro review

    Didn't care for this one when I tried it.

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    Default Re: Nasomatto Duro review

    It's not weak, that's for shore...
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    Default Re: Nasomatto Duro review

    I really dig the Duro, I need to add it to my arsenal at some point.

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    Default Re: Nasomatto Duro review

    i just put back on the swater i wore last night because i just woke up and the scent is still there, a little less intense though.
    14 sprays of DRAKKAR NOIR should do it

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