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    Default CK One Summer 2007

    So I've always been somewhat interested in the CK One Summer editions since they change the juice every year and I've heard good things about them. I'm not a fan of Calvin Klein but really who is as far as fragrances go? Though I do like the original CK One and the 2007 summer edition has piqued my interest specifically because it can actually be found online in some places for reasonable prices despite the fact that it's almost 6 years old and was limited edition. I guess maybe this one didn't sell enough? It has very good, albeit few, reviews in the directory, and the notes seem interesting. Anybody have experience with this? What do you guys think? I love the bottle colours, when I see it I automatically start picturing being on the beach on a hot summer day with my friends or going on a summer road trip or something.

    I've heard good things about 2008 as well, Marc even reviewed it, but it's harder to find and a lot more expensive.
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    Default Re: CK One Summer 2007

    I have all the summer variants from 2004 upto 2012, 2008 is by far my favorite one, I have a sealed bottle in my collection that I cannot bear to open! 07 is fresh, a citrus bomb, 2008 I get mainly a fresh aquatic cucumber note, if you can get the 08 I'd say go for that one!

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    Default Re: CK One Summer 2007

    Interesting, that's awesome that you actually own all of them! How would you personally rank them (assuming 2008 is #1, of course)? And if you could give a short description of each that'd be great!

    The 2008 one is definitely's just damn hard to find. I'm not sure how good the juice would be either if it's used or an open package, the bottle is completely clear so I feel like it would go bad faster due to light exposure, and it is 5 years old. The weirdest thing though is that it is easier to find CK One Summer 2006 and 2007 and both are cheaper than 2008. 2008 must've sold like hotcakes.

    I wish they kept some of these in production

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