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    Default MDCI Sampler Set

    Just wondering if people think the MDCI samples offer is a good deal.

    They offer any 5 of their 10 frags in 12 ml non-spray flasks for 90 euros.

    One of my doubts is that there are only 3 male scents on offer. I love Invasion Barbare and would snap that up, along with the other 2 male scents. Can anyone suggest 2 of the femme fragrances that are more unisex in nature?

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    That's a pretty great deal. 12ML is a good amount!
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    Default Re: MDCI Sampler Set

    It's a shame they don't just offer the three male fragrances separately in a set.

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    Default Re: MDCI Sampler Set

    It is indeed a great deal (years ago, they had an even better deal, with 8 frags coffrets instead of 3).

    Apart from IB, I actually prefer some of their feminines to their masculines. Their female frags are heavily floral, so if you are not ok with flowers, you probably won't like them. I'd still go with Enlevement au serail (sweet chypre) and Promesse de l'Aube (fuzzy). After all, if you don't like them, they make great gifts.


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    Default Re: MDCI Sampler Set

    BEST OFFER I am aware of given that you will get a refund against FB purchase! Rivages Syrtes(?) sorry can't remember name, sounds good unisex- definately worth it if you are following up with a FB purchase of I.B!!!!!!

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    Default Re: MDCI Sampler Set

    It is indeed a good deal. If you ask Claude when you email him, he will add in a small atomizer so you can spray one sample at a time (not the best, but still something). I got 2 of IB, 2 of Chypre Palatin, and one of Amber Topkapi.
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    Default Re: MDCI Sampler Set

    This is one of the better ways to sample. Claude, is very helpful and suggested Rivages des Syrtes when I ordered. Its a beautiful pineapple and smoke combo from PdN. It is definitely unisex.The order I put in was for 2 Chypre Palatin(amazing),one IB,one AT and one RdS. Wonderful service from Claude.
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    Default Re: MDCI Sampler Set

    Probably one of the best ways to afford (and enjoy wearing) MDCI fragrances. My pick of 5: Invasion Barbare, Enlevement Au Serail, Chypre Palatin, Rivages des Syrtes, Un Couer En Mai. I'm not terribly fond of Ambre Topkapi.

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    Default Re: MDCI Sampler Set

    If you like their scents it is a good deal compared to their full bottle pricing... Just make sure you do like them, as for a sampler that is quite pricey, IMO. If you are *really* just sampling them for the first time I would look to less expensive alternatives before making the investment.
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    Default Re: MDCI Sampler Set

    If the set includes Chypre Palatin it would be a definite plus. I think this is a fairly new offering from MDCI (I could be wrong) and this stuff is amazing (assuming you like chypres). I almost dropped the money on this one recently, but decided I "needed" a different fragrance more at this point in time. But, Chypre Palatin is definitely on my to-buy list.
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